Why Don't Men Buy Their Own Underwear?

Why Don't Men Buy Their Own Underwear?

Before some of you men get upset and defensive... I know some of you buy your own underwear. I personally used to prior to releasing an underwear brand and honestly, most of my friends did as well. Let's be honest here though. We all know a few guys who having been wearing the same pairs of underwear for too many years. These pairs have holes in them but the guys refuse to change them because they're lucky... Or maybe they're just scared the won't find a replacement, who knows?! Ladies, you've for sure experienced this too. You're staying at your boyfriends place and you accidentally find his underwear stash and there's hole in all of them! (Don't even get me started on socks).
Men's most comfortable underwear simply white bamboo
To be honest, I didn't realize there was that many guys who lived this like until I started Unity Underwear Co. I started to realize that the majority of the sales on the men's underwear was to women. I was wondering why until I started getting messages from men saying that their girlfriends (or wives) kept stealing their underwear. It turned out the ladies wanted to replace the guy's underwear because they refused to buy themselves, but ended up loving the feel and wearing them! Win win I believe is what it's called. The guy finally gets new underwear, not to mentioned the world's comfiest underwear (self proclaimed but I'm sure you agree) and the lady gets to steal them too!
Extremely comfortable underwear for men ecofriendly made from bamboo fabrics
Okay so why don't men buy their own underwear? I don't really have an answer but thank god that the ladies are willing to replace their over used underwear! To the ladies... you're welcome for making underwear you're happy to wear as well :)

The Beginning of the Women's Line

Truth be told, that's actually why I designed the women's underwear. I wanted a product that the ladies could buy for themselves so they wouldn't have to steal their man's underwear. Now Unity Underwear Co. has ridiculous comfortable products for everyone! I'm looking forward to designing and releasing more style for both the men and women's underwear line's. We will be doing this over the course of the next year to give you more options and to make sure everyone has a chance to wear the world's comfiest underwear! We all deserve true comfort and we all deserve premium quality underwear.



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