The Importance Of Durable Underwear


Why does durability matter so much you may ask? Well, hopefully you're not asking us because it should be obvious but it's important that we do bring this up. Let's paint a few scenarios... 

1) you're at the gym, wearing shorting, but you have a hole in your underwear... what could go wrong right? Wrong.

2) You're getting intimate with your new girl for the first time and she pulls your underwear and it rips. What will she think of you? (A stretch, I know)

3) You have to replace your underwear every 6 months and end up spending 2-4x more on underwear than you should. (most likely scenario)

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Scenario 3

The other two probably aren't worth talking about because it's pretty obvious. However, if scenario 1 sounds unlikely... go to youtube and look up "your nuts are hanging out". You'll quickly side with me. But, we are here to talk about scenario 3. How often do you replace your underwear because of holes? For me personally when I used other brands such as Banana Republic, Calvin Klein, Saxx, Armani, Jockeys, MyPackage, or one of the other hundreds i've tried... I have to replace them every 6-12 months! Okay now let's look at Unity. I'm currently still wearing original samples from 2017 and the only issue is they are slightly stretched out. I have a pair from 2019 that i've worn to the gym, played soccer and went to muay thai in for 2 years and still no holes! That means people who wear Unity Underwear can expect to save up to 4x their money (and still counting) on their annual underwear purchasing! That's pretty convincing, right?


your new favorite fabric made from 95% bamboo very comfortable soft underwear


At the end of the day, we all look for ways to saving money and this seems like a pretty simple way to me! What makes Unity more durable though? Simple, the answer as always is the 95% bamboo fabric blend. Bamboo fabric is stronger, more breathable, more absorbent, softer, and just all around a better alternative to your conventional pair of underwear that is normally made from cotton or a cotton blend.


Thanks again for reading.



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