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Constant Never Ending Improvement

Always Improving We like to often acknowledge the fact that we are not perfect. We are doing our best to make the choice to help make Unity Underwear Co. as sustainable as possible! With that being said, we are always open to suggestions to help be more eco-friendly. We are also constantly exploring ways to be more eco-friendly. Recently we were exploring hemp and organic cotton fabric. One of the downsides we've found is that you really can't match the comfort and the durability of bamboo fabric. We don't want to lower the quality of our product by switching fabrics. We realize that with fabrics made overseas that the shipping is not eco-friendly and unfortunately there is no way around...

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Happy Valentine's Day 2022

2022 Valentine's Day The day of love has arrived! Look around you, look how luck you are. You have friends and family who love you. If you're extremely lucky, you also have a significant other who loves you. What more could you ask for?  Our favorite couple... Jamie & Geena ❤️ Take the time! We want to encourage you today to take the time to remind everyone close to you that you love them. They likely already know, but you know as well as I that it is always nice to be reminded. What did you do today to show the ones you love that you love them? Maybe you got them flowers, took them for dinner, got them gifts,...

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You Don't Need To Spend Money To Show Your Love

The Day Of Love in 2022 Valentine's Day is the time of the year where people acknowledge those they love. Many people use it as a time to show their significant other that they love them. We believe however that it's a good time to acknowledge all things we love. Reach Out To Loved Ones The last couple of years have been difficult for all. During tough times it's important to constantly check up on all those important to you. You never know what someone is going through and sometimes just you simply asking will make an enormous difference. We at Unity Underwear Co. want to give you a friendly reminder that Valentine's Day is as good as any to...

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Is Bamboo Fabric Better Than Cotton?

The Answer Is Yes Yes a million times over. Yes bamboo fabric is better than cotton. You may be asking the question right now... Why do the majority of brands use cotton then? We are asking the same question as well. We know a few answers to that question but we don't believe that those answers justify using cotton over bamboo. We'd love to hear from you though!Cotton is a durable fabric and it absorbs well which makes it easier to absorb dye. Of course if it's easier to absorb dye, you will save money on dye. Overall cotton is a more cheaper fabric to produce and is more widely produced than most other fabrics. At the end of the day,...

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Why Don't Men Buy Their Own Underwear?

Why Don't Men Buy Their Own Underwear? Before some of you men get upset and defensive... I know some of you buy your own underwear. I personally used to prior to releasing an underwear brand and honestly, most of my friends did as well. Let's be honest here though. We all know a few guys who having been wearing the same pairs of underwear for too many years. These pairs have holes in them but the guys refuse to change them because they're lucky... Or maybe they're just scared the won't find a replacement, who knows?! Ladies, you've for sure experienced this too. You're staying at your boyfriends place and you accidentally find his underwear stash and there's hole in...

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