Is Bamboo Fabric Better Than Cotton?

The Answer Is Yes
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Yes a million times over. Yes bamboo fabric is better than cotton. You may be asking the question right now... Why do the majority of brands use cotton then? We are asking the same question as well. We know a few answers to that question but we don't believe that those answers justify using cotton over bamboo. We'd love to hear from you though!

Cotton is a durable fabric and it absorbs well which makes it easier to absorb dye. Of course if it's easier to absorb dye, you will save money on dye. Overall cotton is a more cheaper fabric to produce and is more widely produced than most other fabrics. At the end of the day, cotton tends to be easy to make, cheap to make and easier to access.

Bamboo fabric used to make the most comfortable underwear for men and women sustainable fabric

So Why Is Bamboo Better?

I'm glad you asked! Despite cotton being easy to make, bamboo actually uses up to 30x less water to grow making it far more eco-friendly of a source for fabric. Bamboo can actually grow up to 36 inches per day! This makes it the most renewable resource on the planet!

Now there are some issues with some bamboo fabrics! The process to make bamboo fabrics can be difficult and some manufactures have to use chemicals in order to break it down. At Unity Underwear Co. we want to do everything as eco-friendly as possible. Our manufacture has their certificate to show the meet Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and were tested to show they don't use harmful substances. The process for the fabrication of the actual fabric that is used doesn't use chemicals to break it down and is fully mechanical. This helps make this process much more eco-friendly! It's really quite amazing.

We haven't even touched as to the comfort and durability. It's hard to say that bamboo isn't better from the first time you feel it, never mind wearing it! The comfort is truly unparalleled. We've actually seen our product last up to 12x longer than competitors cotton products!

So let's ask the question again. Why do the majority of brands still use cotton?  



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