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Is Bamboo Fabric Better Than Cotton?

The Answer Is Yes Yes a million times over. Yes bamboo fabric is better than cotton. You may be asking the question right now... Why do the majority of brands use cotton then? We are asking the same question as well. We know a few answers to that question but we don't believe that those answers justify using cotton over bamboo. We'd love to hear from you though!Cotton is a durable fabric and it absorbs well which makes it easier to absorb dye. Of course if it's easier to absorb dye, you will save money on dye. Overall cotton is a more cheaper fabric to produce and is more widely produced than most other fabrics. At the end of the day,...

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Why Don't Men Buy Their Own Underwear?

Why Don't Men Buy Their Own Underwear? Before some of you men get upset and defensive... I know some of you buy your own underwear. I personally used to prior to releasing an underwear brand and honestly, most of my friends did as well. Let's be honest here though. We all know a few guys who having been wearing the same pairs of underwear for too many years. These pairs have holes in them but the guys refuse to change them because they're lucky... Or maybe they're just scared the won't find a replacement, who knows?! Ladies, you've for sure experienced this too. You're staying at your boyfriends place and you accidentally find his underwear stash and there's hole in...

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The Importance Of Durable Underwear

Durability Why does durability matter so much you may ask? Well, hopefully you're not asking us because it should be obvious but it's important that we do bring this up. Let's paint a few scenarios...  1) you're at the gym, wearing shorting, but you have a hole in your underwear... what could go wrong right? Wrong. 2) You're getting intimate with your new girl for the first time and she pulls your underwear and it rips. What will she think of you? (A stretch, I know) 3) You have to replace your underwear every 6 months and end up spending 2-4x more on underwear than you should. (most likely scenario) Scenario 3 The other two probably aren't worth talking about...

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2022 Here We Come!

Happy New Year! Let's start by saying Happy New Year to all of you! We all know 2021 was absolutely crazy. Probably just as crazy as 2020 which none of us thought was possible. It has been hard on a lot of people around the world. People dying, losing businesses or jobs, amongst many other things. It has truly been difficult. We aren't here to depress you though, we are here to remind you that we still have a lot to be grateful for! We Are Grateful!  It's very easy to get caught up in your problems. We are all guilty of sulking in our problems from time to time and it has been easier than ever to do so....

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Boxing Day 2021

Boxing Day 2021 Guess what time is it!? It's time for our biggest sale of the year! Get 50% all products by using our code "BOXINGDAY2021". Yeah I know, what a special right!? Doesn't get any better than this. As a celebration for this great discount, enjoy this awesome picture from our women's launch photoshoot with these cute dogs. There's not many days left in the year! Make sure to get those New Years resolutions ready, or at least think about it! Go out there and get those discount from all the great stores. Try to support your local stores if you can! Small businesses need support more than ever. If you're really proactive... try to shop for next Christmas this week,...

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