Constant Never Ending Improvement

Always Improving

We like to often acknowledge the fact that we are not perfect. We are doing our best to make the choice to help make Unity Underwear Co. as sustainable as possible! With that being said, we are always open to suggestions to help be more eco-friendly. We are also constantly exploring ways to be more eco-friendly.
from us to you, we try to improve, be as eco friendly as possible. We are not perfect but we try

Recently we were exploring hemp and organic cotton fabric. One of the downsides we've found is that you really can't match the comfort and the durability of bamboo fabric. We don't want to lower the quality of our product by switching fabrics.
We realize that with fabrics made overseas that the shipping is not eco-friendly and unfortunately there is no way around that currently. Of course overseas is where you get the best quality bamboo fabrics as they've been doing it for years. That is why we are currently exploring fabrics that can be made locally. If we can find a comfortable, durable, eco-friendly alternative that can be made in Canada or the US we will switch to help lower our carbon foot print as much as possible.

Our motto is keeping you & the planet happy. We want to stay that way, and will always do our best to continue to be that way.
Unity Underwear Co keeps you and the planet happy with the most comfortable underwear for men and women made from 95% bamboo fabrics

We Are Always Open

Feel free to reach out to us and can contact us any time. We are all in this together. In order to help fight climate change we all must do our part. That's why we are always open to hearing from the community on how else we can be more eco-friendly than ever. If you have fabric suggestions, shipping suggestions, or even other products you'd like to see from us... please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thanks again for reading.



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