Eco Friendly Products We Love!

For The Eco-Conscious 

 Are you someone who wants to make positive changes to your life to be more eco-conscious and help protect our planet? Good! It's not as hard as you think. There's many every day products that we can change to eco friendly alternative very simply! Here's some of our favorites!

Check out this cool looking stainless steel portable utensils set! This set even includes 2 straws and a cleaner. Save the turles!💚🐢
Stainless steel portable utensils and straw


Ever try handcraft soaps? You've got to check out Nectrous Botanicals! You can get some great bars including exfoliating bars and ones that are mixed with essential oils! They use a variety of natural ingredients and are vegan, gluten free, with no sulfates!

eco friendly soap all natural


Bobo & Hobo Agents for Change have a great variety of eco friendly products. Including some bamboo toothbrushes and numerous zipper bags hand made in Canada! They have some great products you should check out!


bamboo toothbrush eco friendly products


You'd be surprised how many different great eco friendly products you can find if you look for it and it doesn't even have to be unaffordable. We hope you all buy eco-friendly alternatives when it is possible. We should all do our part and do the best we can to be more eco-conscious.



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