December Donations

An Important Cause

Today i'd like to talk about an important cause. Prior to founding Unity Underwear Co. I was always trying to think of a different way for businesses I was starting to give back to important causes. The way I had decided to do this with Unity was that monthly, we would pick a charity to donate to that we found particularly important. Over the years we've donated to hospitals during the pandemics, to CNIB to assist those who are blind, among numerous other charities. This month is a little different though.

Women hugging child donation december charity

Manitoba Association of Women's Shelters

Full transparency... I watched the show Maid on Netflix and could not stop thinking about this. I wanted to find a way to help out women's shelters but I didn't want to pick one specific centre as we do sell our products to customers world wide. We decided to pick the Manitoba Association of Women's Shelters. They work with their members to advance the well being of victims of family violence in Manitoba. 

I encourage you to look up this amazing charity and donate yourself as well. I am personally very excited to see how much we can get together to help this cause as i'm sure everyone reading will agree... this is important and real.

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