Unity Underwear's NEW Women's Line!

Finally! Our Women's Line Is Out!

Yes I know, it took a while. However, the wait was worth it. It originally took me 2 years to design the men's line. The women's line however took less than 1 year! Why did it take less time you ask? Well this time I already had the resources to design a new product. Originally, with the men's line, it was starting from scratch!

all new unity underwear women's line. Your new favorite underwear. The most comfortable underwear you will ever try made from 95% bamboo fabrics. The comfort you deserve with eco friendly benefits.

If you didn't know yet, i'm not actually a fashion designer. That makes this process more timely. The advantage of that however is that I have to make sure that the product is perfect prior to releasing. Not only that, but Unity's product is made with love and is designed so that it is perfect for anyone involved in the design process. The women's line was no different. I made sure to ask women which brands they preferred and why. What would they change about their favorite underwear and what is they are looking for. All these things were the same things I asked myself when designing the men's line. After numerous samples and designs I can confidently say the women's line will not disappoint! 

Hug women. Donating to charity of choice is Manitoba Association of Women's Shelters who works with it's members to advance the well being of victims of family violence.

Charitable Cause

As always, we love working with charities to help raise money to causes that are important to us. With that in mind we decided that we will donate 20% of our sales from the women's line to Manitoba Association for Women's Shelters which works with it's members to advance the well being of victims of family violence. We hope to raise as much as possible to help this great cause ❤️


Not Convinced?

Don't worry! We offer free returns and exchanges on all products as long as they are unworn. The look and feel isn't your thing? No problem! Just send it back to us or change it for a different color! 



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