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Squat Proof Underwear For Men?

Squat Proof Underwear? One of the many benefits of using bamboo fabrics is that it is not only very durable, but it has great benefits as workout clothes. Last year we had sent underwear to professional soccer player David Olaoye and he loved it. Mentioned how comfortable and stretchy the underwear was. Since the beginning of Unity Underwear Co. we've had constant people stating they've starting using them in the gym. Adam, one of our awesome customers, said in a video review that he actually used Unity as a compression short while training to run a marathon! So Why Bamboo Do Workout Gear? Bamboo fabrics have many benefits that make it ideal for working out. It is antibacterial naturally which helps...

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Underwear That Will Change Your Life

This Underwear Will Change Your Life! Okay, okay, okay... I know. This is a very bold statement. Let's think about this for a couple minutes here though. You wear your underwear everyday and I bet you at one point pull on it because it's uncomfortable. Maybe it's worse than that though... maybe you get chafing from your underwear! However, it might be better than that... right? Maybe you just notice you're wearing it, it does the trick and it's not all that bad. With that in mind, it might be time for you to try the underwear that you don't even know you're wearing. Weird thought, but let's hear what Charles Adam had to say: "Super comfy, So soft you don’t even notice...

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Eco Friendly Products We Love!

For The Eco-Conscious   Are you someone who wants to make positive changes to your life to be more eco-conscious and help protect our planet? Good! It's not as hard as you think. There's many every day products that we can change to eco friendly alternative very simply! Here's some of our favorites! Check out this cool looking stainless steel portable utensils set! This set even includes 2 straws and a cleaner. Save the turles!💚🐢   Ever try handcraft soaps? You've got to check out Nectrous Botanicals! You can get some great bars including exfoliating bars and ones that are mixed with essential oils! They use a variety of natural ingredients and are vegan, gluten free, with no sulfates!   Bobo &...

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December Donations

An Important Cause Today i'd like to talk about an important cause. Prior to founding Unity Underwear Co. I was always trying to think of a different way for businesses I was starting to give back to important causes. The way I had decided to do this with Unity was that monthly, we would pick a charity to donate to that we found particularly important. Over the years we've donated to hospitals during the pandemics, to CNIB to assist those who are blind, among numerous other charities. This month is a little different though. Manitoba Association of Women's Shelters Full transparency... I watched the show Maid on Netflix and could not stop thinking about this. I wanted to find a...

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30% Off For Last Minute Shoppers

Last Minute... Again We get it, we are all busy. The holidays sneak up on us and it's not our priority until it's last minute. Don't worry, we are here to help you! We've decided to put on a sale for 30% off all products until Sunday, December 12th! This includes all of our men's products and the new women's bamboo line with the classic thong and the u-bralette.❤️ Not sure what to get your loved ones? Well we can help! Unity Underwear Co. offers free exchanges and returns as long as the product is unworn! Simply ship the product back to us and we can refund you, or you can pick a different size or color! This way you...

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