All Purpose Underwear... Actually Though.

Who needs a pair of underwear for each occasion when you have Unity? One of the reasons we took years before releasing our first collection is we wanted to test Unity Underwear for a length of time through multiple challenges. 

Can they last years if you're playing sports? 
Can they last years if you work a heavy labor job?
Can they last years if you don't care for them properly?

After testing the durability, we were able to answer yes to all of these. Best of all, you can do all of these while wearing the most comfortable underwear for men.

The most comfortable underwear for men. Underwear both you and the planet will love

Gym Buddies

There's an increasing amount of people who wear Unity who have started to wear them at the gym. We wanted to explain why they actually work great for workouts! 

Bamboo fabrics absorb moisture up to 3x better than cotton, the fabric is moisture wicking, and it does not change shape or stretch out with moisture! All of this results in a comfortable pair of underwear that you don't need to constantly readjust when doing vigorous workouts or playing sports! 



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