Why Bamboo?

It's no secret we are proud of the fact that our fabric is made from 95% bamboo. Why did we choose to make it from bamboo though? 

3 pack underwear now available. Worlds most comfortable men's underwear.

Have you felt the fabric?!
Honestly though, it is so soft to touch that before you even put Unity Underwear on, you know it's gonna be good. Once you're wearing them, you can barely tell you even have them on. It's ridiculously comfortable, light, breathable and durable. The real question should be... why do others use cotton?


Works for all purposes

You've probably seen us mention this before, that's because we are proud of it :D. Bamboo fabrics are moisture wicking and doesn't change shape with moisture. That means that no matter what you're doing, they stay fitted and give you the comfort & support you deserve!

Eco-friendly benefits
When compared to other fabrics, bamboo is the most eco friendly fabric for underwear. Bamboo is the most renewable resource on the planet. You can actually regrow bamboo crop 4-6 times per year. The crop doesn't require pesticides to grow and requires 1/3 of the water vs cotton. 

We are confident that the moment you try on Unity Underwear, you will completely underwear why we chose this fabric. It's truly incredible.



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