Squat Proof Underwear For Men?

Squat Proof Underwear?

One of the many benefits of using bamboo fabrics is that it is not only very durable, but it has great benefits as workout clothes. Last year we had sent underwear to professional soccer player David Olaoye and he loved it. Mentioned how comfortable and stretchy the underwear was. Since the beginning of Unity Underwear Co. we've had constant people stating they've starting using them in the gym. Adam, one of our awesome customers, said in a video review that he actually used Unity as a compression short while training to run a marathon!
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So Why Bamboo Do Workout Gear?

Bamboo fabrics have many benefits that make it ideal for working out. It is antibacterial naturally which helps reduce odours, it is durable, natural absorbent (up to 3x more than cotton), it doesn't change shape with moisture, it's moisture wicking and naturally breathable! Now don't get me wrong, I didn't design Unity Underwear for the purpose of solely working out. I wanted an underwear that can do it all comfortably. I have been stress testing Unity Underwear since 2017 going to soccer games, training at Muay Thai and working out constantly and I actually had to throw out my first pair 1 week ago, 4 years later. In contrast I had other brands that lasted as little as 3 months. Not bad right?
Maybe it's time you give it a shot, let us know what you think!
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